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Aimee - Lonely Planet Shop September 9, 2010

Why buy direct from lonelyplanet.com?
How often are new editions released?
Pre-ordering upcoming editions
Foreign language editions


Why buy direct from lonelyplanet.com?

    • Guides are available in both print and digital formats
    • You can get the latest books (and digital editions) before they hit the stores
    • There's free domestic shipping within the UK, US and Australia (with minimum spend)
    • You can download free guidebook updates on selected guides
    • Our friendly customer service are ready to help with your order
    • There's the full range of over 450 titles featuring award-winning photography
    • You can get your guide formatted for your smart-phone, tablet or other digital device
    • Sign up to our newsletter and save with exclusive subscriber discounts

How often are new editions released?

As you know, here at Lonely Planet we are constantly trawling the globe to make sure you get the up-to-date information you need. We try to bring out an updated guide every two years, with a few unavoidable exceptions.

All book pages on site will list when the 'Next edition due' date . This is listed below the book image, along with the edition number and other product details you may be interested in.

Pre-ordering upcoming editions

Usually you can pre-order an upcoming book at least a month before it comes out, and we’ll provide information about expected dates in the product description.

If you've pre-ordered a book along with some in-stock or digital products, you can sit back and relax because we'll send them separately out as soon as they arrive in our warehouse.

Don't want to wait? Digital PDF chapters of most of our upcoming editions will be available for purchase and download around two months before print editions are available for sale.

Foreign language editions

We do have guides in languages other than English which have been translated and published under licence by local publishing partners, although not all our titles and series have been translated. To check if the guidebook you need is available in the language you need, please use the list below to link through to the relevant partner site. Please note: most of these sites are only available in the local language.

English www.lonelyplanet.com

Español www.lonelyplanet.es

Italiano www.lonelyplanetitalia.it

Français www.lonelyplanet.fr

Deutsch www.lonelyplanet.de

Português www.globolivros.com.br

Chinese (simplified) www.sdxjpc.com

Chinese (traditional) www.linkingbooks.com.tw

Korean www.ag.co.kr

Czech Svojtka & Co.

Hebrew Haolam

Russian www.lonelyplanet.ru

English (Indian version) www.lonelyplanet.in


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