How did you choose which sights/businesses to feature in the Guides app?

We apply the same editorial process, principles, standards and coverage to all of our Lonely Planet products. In the case of the Guides app, we’ve organised the places we list to give an optimal on-the-ground experience. The number of places included depends on the size of the city but there’s an average of roughly 1,000 points of interest per city. Global capitals like London, New York City and Paris have many more than that, while less prominent & more compact cities like Las Vegas have fewer.

 We highlight the sights that our experts determine offer the traveller the best experience of a city. This may be a well-known but unmissable sight such as the Colosseum in Rome, or a lesser known gem that our writers have discovered. The app also boasts a “near-me” function that highlights which things to see are within easy reach from wherever you are at a given time.

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