Is my post appropriate for Thorn Tree?

While our forums are a place for open travel-related discussion and the exchange of ideas, opinions, and tips; there has occasionally been some concern regarding the proliferation of posts that are off-topic, contain nothing but insider jokes or the word “agreed”, and do not contribute to the discussion in an informative, helpful, or respectful way.

Please, before you post, keep the following things in mind:

1. Would your post add to the value of the thread? Would it answer someone’s question, or contribute to the furthering of the discussion?

2. Would your post derail the thread? Will it take it off-topic in a manner that is inappropriate?

3. Would your post go against any of our community guidelines?

4. Is your post one that could classify you as a troll? Is it flamebait?

5. Does your post attack anyone, either directly or indirectly, in a personal nature?

Helpful hint: The answer to question one should be ‘yes’, answers to questions 2-5 should be ‘no’. If your post does not pass the litmus test, it is more than likely not appropriate for Thorn Tree and will be dealt with appropriately by the moderation team.


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