Who are your booking providers?

Lonely Planet works with a limited number of reputable booking providers.  They service the needs of independent travellers by giving you the option to book properties that have been reviewed by Lonely Planet’s independent authors (simply check the box that says 'Lonely Planet Reviewed' to ensure this).  They also provide access to their other properties, to give you the best possible world-coverage.   

When you complete your booking with one of our recommended booking providers, you leave our website to make the payment: the booking service is provided by the provider and not by Lonely Planet. This means that you enter into a contract directly with the provider, and the provider is responsible for fulfilment, billing and customer service regarding your booking.

We recommend you check their terms and conditions before you make a booking:

Full terms and conditions Hostelworld

Full terms terms and conditions Booking.com

We’ve made every effort to select the best, but cannot guarantee that each provider will meet your price and service expectations. When you make a booking via one of our recommended booking providers, Lonely Planet will receive a commission from that provider.

We regularly evaluate our providers and are happy to hear about your experience with them. Your feedback will assist us in our ongoing assessment of their services.


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