Legal Issues

OK, here's the not-so-fun legal stuff... but it's important so keep reading!

As we only facilitate bookings through the Lonely Planet booking service, we are not responsible for your accommodation booking or the provision of accommodation. Your booking and your contract for the provision of accommodation is directly with the accommodation provider.

Remember that if you're relying on information or opinions from reviews by our authors and travellers or information provided by properties, you do so at your own risk. After all, an author's or another traveller's opinion is just that - an opinion - so use your common sense in making your selection. While we use reasonable care and skill to ensure reviews we provide, and property descriptions and amenities lists provided by properties, are accurate and current, due to the nature of the reviews we cannot guarantee that they are error free. We do welcome your feedback if you disagree with our review or a property description though.

We work hard to make sure Lonely Planet Hotels & Hostels and our booking service performs the way we want to, but unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee that the service is continuous or fault free due to the nature of online website services.

Please read the applicable partner terms and conditions carefully before you make your booking as these terms and conditions will apply.


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