How do I update or correct my business/attraction details?

If you're a business or attraction owner, our online business listings form allows you to either tell us about your business (make a suggestion) or, if your business is already listed in our database, you can tell us that we have the incorrect details in our system (make a correction).

Please note that this process doesn't automatically update our website, guidebooks or other products. It passes the update on to the relevant writers and website developers so they can make necessary changes in the near future.

The first step is to add your location. Type in the first few letters and you'll see a list of place names appear. Choose the relevant one for you. If your city or town does not appear in the list, this means it is not in our database - for instance, not all suburbs are in our list, so you'll then need to choose the city or state that it's a part of. Next, start typing in the name of your business. A drop down menu will appear, and if your business is in our database it will also appear and you will need to select it (see business-name.jpg). This is dependant on the correct location having been selected. If, for instance, you're in London, Ontario but you accidentally selected London, UK, then your  business won't appear in the list.

When you've selected your business, the address will appear underneath along with a question asking if this is the correct business. If it is, click 'Yes, allow me to make corrections' (see business-correction.jpg). The fields below will then be populated with the all information that we hold in our database about your business. Leave any fields that are correct and just change the ones that aren't. For instance, if your phone number is wrong simply delete it and replace it with the correct one.

In the 'Tell us about your business' box it is helpful if you mention the changes you've made. eg. Updated phone number and prices. 






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