What is the difference between Lonely Planet eBooks and Lonely Planet mobile apps?

Lonely Planet produces eBooks and Apps. While both are designed to enhance your travel experience they are quite different with regard to content and functionality.

eBooks are electronic versions of our guide books that can be viewed on an eBook reader. While Lonely Planet eBooks include additional features that this technology enables they have the same content and layout as our books. As such, they are perfect for inspiration, planning and when on the road.

Mobile apps (applications) are software applications that are typically designed to run on smartphone's (such as iPhones and Android devices) and tablet computers (such as iPad and Android tablets). More recently, apps can also run on some e-reader devices such as NOOK tablet and Kindle Fire. App content is not typically structured in a page format like books or eBooks.

Lonely Planet has a wide range of mobile apps. Some of these run on both smartphones and tablets, although the majority are currently for smartphones (iPhone and Android). Our apps are very different from our eBooks, in a number of ways.

  • The app, Guides by Lonely Planet covers over 100 cities, and can be downloaded on iOS and Android. These do include Lonely Planet content however they have been designed specifically for when you are on-the-go. They include reviews of recommended ‘points-of-interest’ which are also integrated with Lonely Planet maps. Using the smartphones built in location tracking, you can always find where you are and how to get to all the great things around you—all without going online, or incurring data fees. This is fantastic for when you are on-the-road, however unlike our books (and eBooks) they do not include a large amount of background and planning information. We also have a integrated a language phrasebook section into the app and 19 full languages can be unlocked for a small in-app purchase.
  • Our apps leverage the latest smartphone technology to create incredibly useful tools when travelling.

Lonely Planet apps are the perfect companion to your guide book (or eBook). You can check them out in more detail here.


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