What features do Lonely Planet eBooks include?

Lonely Planet eBooks include various enhancements, such as:

  • Full colour images and Lonely Planet maps
  • “Pinch and zoom” to zoom-in for greater detail on maps and images
  • Google maps integration so you can pinpoint points-of-interest and use Google maps functionality to plot your route and time required (requires internet connection)
  • Detailed hyperlinking enabling you to seamlessly flip between pages, jump between maps and reviews, or visit the websites of places we recommend (internet required to view external website)
  • Search functionality
  • Notes, highlight, and bookmark capability
  • Audio, so you can listen to foreign language phrases (Audio Language Guide products only)

Note, not all Lonely Planet eBooks have all of these features, nor do all e-reader devices support all of these enhancements. The actual functionality depends on two things:

  1. The type of product. For example, only our Audio Phrasebooks have audio. Not all of our travel guides are full colour etc. It is important to check the product description when you purchase an eBook to see the enhancements and functionality for that particular title.
  2. The e-reader device you are using. Be aware of the functionality of your e-reader device. Some e-readers (such as previous versions of Kindle) do not support colour or audio. As such, you would not be able to view full colour images or hear audio.

Check out the eBooks for your e-reader page to get an overview of functionality for each device. Furthermore, most eBook retailers enable you to download a sample file which is a great way to test the user experience.


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