What does Lonely Planet do with my personal details?

The only personal information we collect when you use our Guidebook Feedback form is your name (as you give it) and your email address. This helps us keep track of your correspondence with us and tells us if you're a first time emailer or a regular contributor. It is included in the information we send our writers but does not go past them.

We have no interest in using this information for marketing purposes or sharing it with a third party (except our writers). Our writers will not share your details with any businesses that you've provided feedback about.

The country drop down list on the final page of our feedback form is only used if you request to receive our newsletter, and only so we know which parts of the world we're sending it to. If you un-tick the box underneath you don't have to select your country (despite the red asterisk saying otherwise. We'll fix that soon, sorry).

If you leave the box that says "Allow Lonely Planet to publish my name in acknowledgement of my feedback" ticked, we will make sure your name (if entered with first and last name) is published in the 'Our Readers' section of the new edition of the guidebook. 


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