Why is a previously recommended business no longer listed by Lonely Planet?

Our writers are entirely responsible for deciding which businesses to include in our guidebooks, on our website and in our apps. If a business has been listed by us previously there's no guarantee that it will be included in future products.

Omission doesn't necessarily infer that our writer believes a business is not up to the required standard for listing - due to space and time we're unfortunately unable to include every great business.

Following are some of the reasons why a writer may have decided not to include a business that was listed in the previous edition:

  • They believe that the standards have declined since their last visit
  • A change in priorities means that more pages are devoted to other areas, or other business types
  • New businesses have opened since the previous edition or others have improved their standards
  • The writer believes that a business is no longer suited to the needs of our readers
  • Verified feedback from our readers

Due to the large number of listings in all our products, I'm afraid we're unable to provide exact reasons why a specific business hasn't been listed.

If you've discovered a great business that you believe should be covered by us you can let us know about it here.


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