How do I post on Thorn Tree?

  • Register. To post a question on Thorn Tree, you must be a registered member of If you do not have an account, you can create one here.
  • Sign in. You need to sign in to contribute to the forum (sign in here). But you can read the forum without being a registered member.
  • Find the right branch. Once you are signed in, look for the most relevant part of the forum to post your question. Thorn Tree is divided into different ‘branches’, sub-forums about destinations or things to do while travelling.
  • Post a new topic. Once you find the branch most relevant to your question, look for the blue button labelled ‘Post new topic’ (under the name of the branch). Click on this to post a new question in the branch.
  • Write your question. Include lots of information to get the best advice from our community. For example, where are you from? What are your interests? What is your budget for hotels and meals? Before posting, it’s helpful to do a quick search to see if someone has already asked a similar question. (Click the ‘Search forums’ button in the top left.) You may find that the answer is in the FAQ topic for a branch.
  • Submit your post. Once you are happy with your post, submit it by clicking ‘Create this topic’. Other members can now see it and reply.
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