How do I get technical help with Thorn Tree?

Have a look at report a bug if you’re having problems with our site, to see if someone has already posted a solution.

If you can’t find an answer to your problem there, please create a new topic describing what you’re trying to do. Please include:

  • Details about which browser and operating system you are using. Are you on a Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone? Are you using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or another browser?
  • A screenshot of the problem or details of the error message that you’re receiving. (A screenshot is an image of what’s displayed on your screen.)

You can also send these details via email to, with ‘Technical help’ in the subject line.

Without information about your browser, operating system, and what you’re trying to do, our technical team can only ask you to clear your cache and try again. No one likes being asked to switch it on and off again, so please provide some details and help us to help you.


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