How does the Explore section work?

The Explore section, which used to be located on the left side of the page on a computer or the Sections menu on mobile, has now been moved to the home page. It will always be easy to find by clicking or tapping the Home link on the navigation menu. This update will reduce navigation clutter and is part of the ongoing effort to streamline and simplify Thorn Tree navigation, while ensuring that the existing features are not impacted in a negative way.

The only other change to the Explore section to note is that the "New topics" section has been renamed "Recent" to imply that the most recent topics will be displayed in this section. They might not be new every time a traveler visits the page or refreshes the page, but they will generally be the latest contributions to the forum regardless of the branch where they were created.


[Desktop/laptop view]


[Mobile view]


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