What's new with Search?

New look, same search functionality


The latest update to Thorn Tree search will give users the ability to find a specific country/interest forum or search topics/posts for specific keywords in the same place. This project was based on specific requests from the community, we appreciate your patience while we worked to take a small step towards better forum searching.

Never fear, the ability to scan through a list branches or forums still exists but typing the destination in the search box will be the fastest way to navigate in Thorn Tree moving forward.

Pro tip: Are you visiting a specific country? Consider yourself to be an expert on a country (or countries) or an activity? Feel free to subscribe to your favorite forum once you've located it for updates and easier navigation.


[Desktop/laptop view]


[Mobile view]

What's next?

For those who miss the old Thorn Tree intro text, we created an article in our help section which discusses Thorn Tree's origin. The Gall-Peters projection map is still here as well, but we're going to move it further down the page so that travelers view recent forum activity sooner in the visit.


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