How do I get listed on the Lonely Planet website or in the guidebooks?

Our writers research and write reviews for our website listings and guidebooks at the same time. Submit your details using the Your Business form and we'll pass all of your information on to the relevant writer for their consideration. 

I'm afraid there's no guarantee your business, property or attraction will be listed, as this is entirely up to the writer, and we're not able to review and list every great business.

If you own an accommodation business and would like your property to be bookable through our website, you need to sign up with one of our partners Hostelworld or More information about joining our booking partners can be found here:  

If you own an accommodation business it is now also possible to purchase advertising to reach our online audience, visit here for more details. 

Please note however, that signing up with our bookings partners, or purchasing advertising on our website is not the same as having a Lonely Planet listing, and does not guarantee that you will be reviewed by one of our writers.  



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